Why Kosmos?
KOSMOS vodka is the product of modern technologies and classical Russian technical knowledge and experience.

We took best practices from the history of vodka industry and combined them with the new standards of quality, mixing science, nature, craft and technology together to reach new heights.
The main feature of the KOSMOS vodka technology is a multi-stage filtration system, based on both chemical and physical processes.

We carefully and patiently produce our product, therefore manufacturing of one batch of vodka "KOSMOS" takes more than 40 days.
The KOSMOS vodka recipe is simple – that's the genius of it. The best grain spirit, exceptional quality water from a natural source and a painstaking multi-stage filtering process.

Yes, it's not rocket science, since high vodka quality is achieved with the right mixture of perfect spirit and really good water. A truly great vodka doesn't need any fancy additives or flavours.
While NASA missions search for signs of water on distant planets and remote parts of our galaxy, we use the best water we could find on Earth.

That's why KOSMOS vodka is produced in the territory of Georgia, being famous for its wonderful natural waters for more than a century.

We truly believe that the production of the highest quality vodka is inseparable from the source of delicious and natural, crystal clear water.
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Georgia, Kobuleti,
Kutsubani village, #46, 5th street