Kosmos Vodka represents the energy of the universe. We took inspiration from the unbridled character of the cosmos when emphasising the smooth taste of this unique vodka created by passion and we procreate Kosmos Vodka from the purest ingridients just for you.



As Garipoğlu Group of Companies, we started our first production of alcoholic beverages in Romania, in 1997. Since the first manufacturing facility was established, our reputation is built on three core and constant factors: obsessive product knowledge, creation of strong partnership and commitment to excellence in everything we do.
During our 22 years of constant work and production, we have always remained open to innovations and novelties. Being loyal to our innovative vision, we have expanded our product range with new, strong alcoholic beverages.
In 2016, the manufacturing facility of spirits was established in Georgia on 17.000 sqm closed area. In the factory with the capacity of 52 million liters production per year, such spirits are produced as vodka, gin, raki and various liquor under the company name of Park Drinks, both in Turkey and Georgia, total of 16 alcoholic brands are being produced. By our ever-increasing experience and creativity, we continues to enrich our product range day by day…
Our long-running research took us to the soils of Georgia, which was the birthplace of alcohol culture 8000 years ago. The reason why we choose Georgia as our resource is the fact that perfect water is essential to produce perfect quality spirits (for example, vodka consists of 40% alcohol and 60% water).
For that reason, to achieve top quality in alcoholic beverages, we drilled an artesian well in Kura River. We blended the fresh water from the river directly with alcohol, without any treatment. The result: a purity that is far more perfect than we imagined!
We are fun! According to us, life should be entertaining and every moment is special, whether it’s on earth or in space. There are many entertaining aspects in life that we ignore but in fact we should make the most of it and appreciate the real moments by accepting them as ‘fun’.
We are open to sexual graphics. They are fun but they also have deeper meanings. These graphics and excerpts make life more sarcastic, bearable and real. They are basically the core of reality. We accept everyone as they are; nude is natural, innocent and defenseless. There are no misleading items and for us that is a side of humanity that should be taken into account.
Our mission is to be as utopian as vodka can be… This includes thinking outside the box, and making impossible, possible! In our cosmic language, the word ‘utopian’ is very welcoming to its entire users and allows them to travel from one dimension another.
Kosmos Vodka offers a softer and smoother drinking experience without any unpleasant aftertaste. Thanks to this smoothness we did not include any additional sugar or other sweeteners which are often used to mask the taste of low quality alcohol.
We are confident of the cleanliness and purity of our natural water resource, so we never prefer the reverse osmosis method. The water used in used in Kosmos Vodka is presented to in its most natural form, with its rich mineral structure remaining intact.
Our diligence in selection of ingredients is the secret of our rich flavor. One of these ingredients is water, the beginning of life, which we supply from the pure resources of Kura River, complete it with cold-air stabilization. Kosmos is distilled five times, which gives a softer and sophisticated taste.
Blessed with smoothness, the taste of Kosmos Vodka represents purity, and its clear, flowing and sleek texture revives the palate. Kosmos reinvigorates cocktails, since it is as pure as it is strong and flamboyant like the creator of the universe. Our recommendation is to drink it neat when cold or sip it from a shot glass to test its strength.


This specially designed opaque bottle represents the universe that was completely lightproof before the explosion known as the Big Bang. Also the stars existed for quite a long time and on the bottle, they represent our well-established company.


The spirals on the logo represent the planets, the universe and the orbits. The minor spiral in the middle that goes through the Earth image, describes the story of Kosmos Vodka coming from the space, going through the Earth and travelling back. It also reminds us of the crashing effect it has on the people who drink it. It goes through your body and let your mind go to the outer space.


5 cl Kosmos Vodka
1 cl lime juice
1 cl ginger juice
top up ginger beer

Grind the ginger and put it into a shaker then smash it and pour 1 cl of lime juice. Pour ginger juice and top up with ginger beer. Add 5 cl of Kosmos Vodka and mix them in the shaker. Add some crushed ice on mule glass while serving.
5 cl cinnamon infused Kosmos Vodka
3 cl passion fruit
1 cl cinnamon syrup

Pour 5 cl cinnamon infused Kosmos Vodka, 3 cl passion fruit juice, and 1 cl cinnamon syrup into a glass. Add crushed ice and mix the ingredients with spoon.